Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Organic almond meal/ flour pancake

In this simple, healthy and yummy recipe, I used:
Half a cup of organic  almond meal or flour 
1 organic free range egg
1 tsp/tbsp of grass fed butter
1 tsp/tbsp of organic cold pressed coconut oil ( in the pan for frying)
1 tsp/tbsp organic cold pressed MCT coconut oil
2 tbsp organic heavy cream, some people in the web says this is bad for our guts, some doctor in the web made desserts out of them...in my opinion, organic coconut creamis better for it is less processed, I will start using coconut cream in my coffee instead of heavy cream. 
1 packet or organic stevia / or 4-6 drops of liquid stevia 
1tsp/ tbsp organic natural vanilla extract

Most of these I got from Lazy acres or Trader Joes. Trader Joes has organic stuff cheaper including the coconut cream. 

Now if you are in Paleo diet or higher carb- just lessen the oil or butter. High fat is only good if your carb intake is 30g or less the whole day( from leafy vegetables, salads, no starch, no bread, no sweet potato, etc) 
Coconut cream is better than the heavy or whipping cream. Coconut cream is less processed and is absorbed by our body better. I will stop using heavy cream. 

I melt my butter, coconut oil in a small water steam, ir just place my little ramikin oven safe in the pan while cooking some other stuff in. Anyway you don't have tonuse microwave.
Melt butter 
Poor some melted butter on the batter, mix well. 
Pour batter on hot pan, cover. 
Get a plate, flip, then cook the other side. 
And voilah!!
Add oraganic dark chocolate on top or butter ir coconut flakes or eat with meat, eggs, use as wraps, etc. 

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