Monday, March 28, 2016

Gluten free pasta with ground turkey

In a pan, place the fresh or defrosted ground turkey first, cover at all times. When you see the juice coming out of the turkey and turning white not bloody, then add minced garlic, onion, roma tomato. Add extra virgin oil. Add salt, pepper. Stir, make sure separate the meat so all of it is not bloody at all. Wash or get another utensil to use for cooking since the fresh meat may make you sick. Add in gluten free pasta. Cover and let the turkey juice simmer for about 10 minutes. If you see it drying add half to a cup of water. Add the mushroom. Let is simmer a bit more until the pasta gets aldente. Add a small can of Hunts  tomato sauce if you wish.  Add organic Italian parsely and fresh basil. I didn't get the plant this time so I used freshly dried basil. Slice generous amount of mozzarella. I could not help not addingbroccoli  and it turned out delish. Cover. Serve while it is hot. 
When you use good ingredients you feel less guilty eating and savor the taste. 

Friday, March 25, 2016

Easy ground beef omelette

This egg has 2 yolks, I hope it is not GMO eggs from Costco.
Sautè ground beef, garlic, tomato, fresh organic italian parsely, salt, fresh ground pepper. Remove from pan. In the same pan, pour a little portugese extra virgin oil, then pour 3 beaten eggs, then pour the sautèd meat. 
Slice fresh mozzarella on top. I use this kind, made from Italy I think. You can use brei cheese too. Get them from Trader Joes and choose the made in europe kind like Italy or France...
Turn the heat low and cover pan for slow perfect cook on top. I tilted the pan to the sides to let the extra juice get cooked in the edge and poked the middle so the extra juice get dried and cooked also if you don't want it super juicy. Cover until you see brown/yellow on the edge. 
The bottom is almost brown and the top is juicy and cheesy... 
#havefunalways , luxuriate and enjoy your self

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Chicken tenders with asian kick

In a bowl, marinade the chicken tender in soy sauce, lemon, pepper, salt, hot sesame seed oil, for 30 mins or so. When you are ready to fry, add glutinous flour(or cornstarch or any flour-almond, rice, etc) Some people deep the chicken but I prefer no mess, so i pour slowly in the bowl, like 1/4 cup or untill the chicken gets covered. 
Heat extra virgin olive oil. 
Place chicken when oil is super hot. Watch till edges turn kinda brown. 
Invert to cook the other side.
Invert again to thoroughly cook. You may cut one to make sure inside is white and not bloody. Prepare cookie rack in a plate. I think this is actually from my oven toaster. It fits the plate perfectly:)
Dry chicken this way to keep it not oily (since we used minimal oil in frying) and crispy. Sprinkle taosted sesame see. I got mine in Korea Gallery, Korea town in LA. 
Right after, use the remaining oil or dump it if you used much oil, I used small amount so I had small left over oil. Sautè garlic, onion, green onion(white part) ginger. Add mushroom, I use big portabello, sliced. Simmer a bit(2mins) by adding    1/8 or cup water. Season with salt, pepper or soy sauce. Add string beans. Add the rest of the sauce you used to marinade the chicken with earlier. Simmer 2-3 minutes. Serve with the chicken add rice if you wish, or not. Enjoy. 

Friday, March 4, 2016

Pan Fried Noodles

Prepare vegetables, garlic, onion, green onions, ginger, bok choy, chinese cabbage, carots
Boil water and put in the noodles and boil for 10 seconds. Do not over cook. Instructions are in the package. 
Drain wash with cold water

I use olive oil to fry the noodles. I got the noodles from asian store, and the fish balls, mussels are frozen and packaged...fresh ones are always better. You may put thin sliced chicken tenders or shrimp or beef or all. 
Sautè garlic, onion, veges. Set aside.
With same pan, sautè garlic, onion, white part of green onion, ginger and put fish balls till you see little browning. Smell mmmm... Place mussels, quickly remove from heat, set aside. You don't want the mussels to be chewy, you may put it last. 
Combine all, add stock, salt, pepper, oyster sauce, fish sauce, cooking chinese wine, teaspoon sugar. Let it boil then put flour or cornstarch melted in cold water. Bring to a boil. Add sesame oil... Serve in the bed of crispy noodles sprinkle roasted sesame seed oil.
This is Lo mein (fat noodles)

Or if you prefer lo mein(fat noodles), after the harder veges simmerred with the sautèd chicken and fishballs and garlic, onion and ginger, add the leaves noodles and mussles. Cover and let it cook then add the flour mixed in cold water and soy sauce and oyster sauce, and sesame oil. Add pepper, sprinkle toasted sesame seed, enjoy.