Saturday, April 15, 2017

Keto Ice cream

1 whole avocado for potassium
1packet or less organic stevia (or 4drops if liquid)
I square organic dark chocolate, 72 and above %cacao preferably
Whipping cream, I used half and half also
(As desired) but better to use organic coconut cream. 
Cacao powder(as desired) nuts, or cacao bits on top when you eat it as desired.
Grassfed butter, O-coconut oil, drops of organic vanilla extract, or flavored stevia drops.
I used my bullet, I don't have the ice cream maker yet. I wonder is you can use the mixer(for baking) I make whipped cream in it so maybe. I'll try. 
Let it out in refrigerator before eating...
Or out in room temperature for a bit to soften.
I added salt on top and some O-salted pumpkin seeds and almonds and chocolate, delish! 
The right side is ice cream consistency after few minutes in room temperature.. I could not wait. Smile.

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