Thursday, March 30, 2017

Ancient bread

3 ingredients 
Boiled sweet potato(still hot or warm when combining with the flour) heat up the sweet potato if you are using left over.  All purpose flour 1:1. I used Jovial organic einkorn ancient flour. Sea salt, a pinch or two.
I did not want to use my hand but I had to.
I tried to use griddle cast iron. Melted coconut oil. 
It was better in smooth surface. Make sure you invert after just placing the dough in the pan to spread coconut oil better.
So to absorb the oil...
Rub more coconut oil so it won't be hard. 
Line them in a clean dry tea towel and keep them in airtight container to stay chewy for 2-3 days. 
Store in clean tea towels then air tight container to keep it soft and chewy. Enjoy with curry, dip, tahihini, avocado, as wrap. I eat it plain with my organic ginger and turmeric tea. 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Morning boost

Why organic? GMO- genetically modified organisms are used to produce our food. 
Imagine, genetically modified organisms by human not by God is circulating in our natural body. 
Not to mention- pesticides and unneeded chemicals in our food.  
I am trying in organic dried Goji berries, natural antioxidant, it taste good too. I put 1-2 cloves garlic(optional), half an inch ginger (optional, although, good for your stomach) these boosts your immune system. If you don't want to drink garlic nor ginger, add them to your salad instead.  We need fiber so use kale, alfalfa sprout, orange, celery- good for your kidney and lowers cholesterol while is also good antioxidant, (chia seed optional, it thickens your drink, so up to you.) Add freshly squeeze organic lemons, add cucumber also.  You can use organic detox green tea if you prefer that over coconut milk. I use Yogi organic tea. 
If you have problem with doing number two, I assure you, this will help so much. 
I used organic coconut milk for taste or water add honey if you like. Drink up. I do it when I wake up plus water so I know I don't have any excuses during the busy day ahead. Or you can do it for snack in between breakfast and lunch to prevent heartburn.  Enjoy.