Monday, December 8, 2014

italian-asian turkey meatballs

Make it as soup in this cold weather, or dip in soy sauce, chilli oil and lemon with sesame seed oil, or.just eat as it is. Enjoy♡

garnish with fresh basil and italian parsely from the garden or potted herbs  from the balcony.Enjoy mmm mmm healthy good♡
 cover, add 1/8 cup water to simmer depending on how much soup you desire. 
fry with olive oil under low to medium heat, flip till the round gets golden brown
The egg should be beaten on the space you have made on either side of bowl to save dish washing. 
Dice tomato, onion, green onion or chives, mince garlic and ginger very thinly. Mix ground turkey and diced ingredients, add salt, freshly ground colorful pepper, black pepper, garlic powder, dried basil, italian falvored bread crumbs or use any, parmesan cheese, cage-free organic eggs, patis, soy sauce, olive and sesame oil. Mix very well.
take a spoonful of the mixture and mold into balls using the spoon to help you smooth it.