Thursday, March 13, 2014

Ground turkey love

Hard to mess up ground turkey, cut green onions, onions, garlic and place in preheated pan then add ground turkey, let it be for at least 3minutes, then stir for even cooking of the meat. To avoid salmonella, change/wash your utensil when all meat turns white not red nor pink. Salt as desired, I put the magic-poultry seasoning (marjoram,  thyme, coriander, black pepper, rosemary, sage). Simmer with half a cup of water or as desired for 10 to 15 mins. Place celery or turnips or plantain or bok choy, or any vegetable that you like...possibilities are endless. Simmer, stir occasionally,  sprinkle raw cashew, simmer a bit more...taste...serve...ooohhh la la...Enjoy♥♥♥

Saturday, March 1, 2014

It's nice to be sweet

I'm In life, so long as one keeps it unvarnished, true, raw and organic, however other may judge the sweetness of one's may never go wrong. Savour the taste, enjoy every moment and surely reap the health and happiness later on in life...may it be immediate or long term.

No I am not only talking about my daily breakfast but life in general, may it be with family, in relationship, with friends, at work, stay true to your self and enjoy every moment of life and stay thankful and find goodness in everything that comes out of it.  In a blink of an eye all things passes and all  what is left is our memories with everyone who sorounded us. 
Fresh organic avocado from my friend Kelly's trees, dark chocolate, raw honey, raw cashew nuts, almond butter made with unrefined sugar cane and palm oil and sea salt