Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Keto chips

Sour cream and guacamole goodness.
Soak a half a cup to a cup of organic flaxseed with water (just enough to cover them in a bowl). I added 4 drops of stevia and 1/4 tsp salt. You can add oregano, rosemary, or any spices, or you can add the flavor before baking. Soak only the flaxseed over night in the refrigerator. 
I added salted pumpkin seed, before I flatten the flaxseed in the pan. You can add almond or walnuts, macadamia nuts, etc. Lay the flaxseed mixture in a lined pan, use another parchment paper on top and use rolling pin to thin out layer. I did it with simply flattening them with spoon. 1 layer of flaxseed will get it super crispy. I added butter on some part, slices of mozzarella in some part of the flaxseed. I sliced swiss cheese on the side for cheese chips while I am at it. Tou can use other cheese also what ever is your favorite. 
325 degrees for 40-45 mins. I checked them at 30 and it was perfect. Turn off the oven. 
You can take off the cheese and leave the flaxseed longer in the "off" oven. It will dehydrate more and flaxseed chips will be crispier but make sure you flip it the other side. 
You can dip in guacamole, garlic herb tahini, peanut or almond  butter. Use all organic if you can, much better for our health. Even my spices, I turned organic. I sprinkled onion powder in the chips and dipped it in sour cream.
I made a big batch. If you flatten the flaxseed into just 1 layer, the crispier it gets. Bake for 15 mins for the swiss cheese and 20-30 mins for the flaxseed. I did not even need to flip the flaxseed since it is thin. 
P.s. My brother said the swiss cheese tasted like a bit of fried anchovy back when we were little. 

Monday, April 24, 2017

Oil is your Friend

Green, yellow, orange pigments from vegetables are good for repair, antioxidant, and much more and these vitamins and minerals can not get absorbed by our gut without some type of oil. This is scientific. 
Calcium binds with oxalic acid from spinach. Either I drink a capsule of Calcium-Magnesium or put the powder in my shake. I put a tsp-tbsp of coconut oil, or butter. Coconut milk has MCT(medium Chain Triglyceride) also that isreadily  absorbable. You can use olive oil also. Apple cider vinegar keeps your blood glucose level low in addition to so many gut benefits. When we turn into mostly vegetables, add in salt (keto-electrolyte essential) we become mostly alkaline and vinegar is acidic to counter act to maintain homeostasis (balance) in our body. Cinnamon lowers blood sugar also and is natural blood thinner to balance off vitamin K in our green leaves.
Add few drops of stevia if you want. I did not and still yumm. Turmeric is good anti-inflammatory also but you need to get used with the taste. 
I put my spinach in a pan with a bit of water to cook it, binding the oxalic acid in them that causes kidney stones when ingested in large amounts. 
I got a juicer yesterday and have not opened it so I tried using the bullet then strain fiber out. I used only half a cup of carot, cucumber, celery to keep my nlood glucose(carbohydrate) low. 
I am trying to reduce fiber intake for better digestion, so far so good. I eat some black berries or goji berries and tomato at times for added antioxidant and that has fiber also. Too much fiber in our gut encourages bad microbes to grow more and to be embedded in our stomach lining hence hard for absorption. Listen to your body. If you are ok with lots of fiber the leave the fiber. 
Organic produce is better- non GMO and free of pesticide. Think about whatever  you put in your body, is getting absorbed. Whenever you feel nauseated from keto fat eat a pickle, or sauerkraut, or peperchini,  because for me it seems so wrong to be eating all these fats but if you go low on carb, the body goes in starvation mode and needs to be fed...with what- healthy fats.     

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Organic almond meal/ flour pancake

In this simple, healthy and yummy recipe, I used:
Half a cup of organic  almond meal or flour 
1 organic free range egg
1 tsp/tbsp of grass fed butter
1 tsp/tbsp of organic cold pressed coconut oil ( in the pan for frying)
1 tsp/tbsp organic cold pressed MCT coconut oil
2 tbsp organic heavy cream, some people in the web says this is bad for our guts, some doctor in the web made desserts out of my opinion, organic coconut creamis better for it is less processed, I will start using coconut cream in my coffee instead of heavy cream. 
1 packet or organic stevia / or 4-6 drops of liquid stevia 
1tsp/ tbsp organic natural vanilla extract

Most of these I got from Lazy acres or Trader Joes. Trader Joes has organic stuff cheaper including the coconut cream. 

Now if you are in Paleo diet or higher carb- just lessen the oil or butter. High fat is only good if your carb intake is 30g or less the whole day( from leafy vegetables, salads, no starch, no bread, no sweet potato, etc) 
Coconut cream is better than the heavy or whipping cream. Coconut cream is less processed and is absorbed by our body better. I will stop using heavy cream. 

I melt my butter, coconut oil in a small water steam, ir just place my little ramikin oven safe in the pan while cooking some other stuff in. Anyway you don't have tonuse microwave.
Melt butter 
Poor some melted butter on the batter, mix well. 
Pour batter on hot pan, cover. 
Get a plate, flip, then cook the other side. 
And voilah!!
Add oraganic dark chocolate on top or butter ir coconut flakes or eat with meat, eggs, use as wraps, etc. 

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Keto Ice cream

1 whole avocado for potassium
1packet or less organic stevia (or 4drops if liquid)
I square organic dark chocolate, 72 and above %cacao preferably
Whipping cream, I used half and half also
(As desired) but better to use organic coconut cream. 
Cacao powder(as desired) nuts, or cacao bits on top when you eat it as desired.
Grassfed butter, O-coconut oil, drops of organic vanilla extract, or flavored stevia drops.
I used my bullet, I don't have the ice cream maker yet. I wonder is you can use the mixer(for baking) I make whipped cream in it so maybe. I'll try. 
Let it out in refrigerator before eating...
Or out in room temperature for a bit to soften.
I added salt on top and some O-salted pumpkin seeds and almonds and chocolate, delish! 
The right side is ice cream consistency after few minutes in room temperature.. I could not wait. Smile.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Embracing Fat- Keto

Breakfast. Dark chocolate, macadamia nuts, avocado, almonds. All nuts toasted and salted and all here are organic. Everyone in the web just advice you to replenish electrolytes, so i was deinking potassium salt water (sodium plus potassium -lite salt) with lemon in the morning and day 6 was not agreeing with me and I expelled everything I was drinking and veges I was eating. I was going to quit felt like it was killing me. I lie in bed praying is this the right thing. i prayed to God for help. i napped exhausted from expelling everything from my stomach. I stood up in 20 mins I said I quit and ate 5 pieces organic black berries. I go back to bed, I felt my stomach growl and felt the numbness in my hands and chest like elextricity leaving my body and all my senses became normal no more tinggling in my hands and pain in my chest! I discovered I was too basic from the salt I was drinking, from the veges I was eating. I ate small soup and ate few pieces  pepperchini pickles. And from now on when I feel like vege overload(slight numbness in my neck or left jaw) I eat pickles. You can find organic ones at Vons... It makes perfect sense. We need acid like apple cider vinegar or lemon or pickles or sauerkraut or kimchi, probiotics to digest and absorb what we put in our body- even when we are not in Keto. Listen to our body. Eat when hungry, drink when thisrty, rest when tired. 

Bullet proof coffee- grass fed butter, organic vanilla, I put organic stevia to sweeten, coconut oil or MCT(medium Chain Triglyceride) oil you can get them at citamin stores or health organic farm stores or Trader Joes. Keeps you energize until lunch time. 
Tastier blended I am not sure why. 

I feel bad because I am not used to these yummy stuff,  but I need it, at least I have wild caught salmon. Lunch with veges. 
My typical morning soup loaded with potassium. I squeeze lemon also to taste better like filipino "sinigang" (tamarind soup) if you have fresh tamarind better. This is grass fed ground beef wsauted with garlic, onion, ginger, simmerred for long. I just reheat morning or dinner and add cups and cups of spinach or bokchoy, or kale or brocolli, etc.. Eat your potassium enjoy! 
My go to dinner. I put organic turmeric powder also for anti inflammatory in addition to my veges. I take magnesium citrate(vegan) one tablet in the morning. It helps you with the bowels, yuk! And one tablet during dinner and it helps you relax and sleep better. If you feel numbness it is lack of electrolytes because low carbohydrate diet forces our kidneys to excrete water and water comes with electrolytes- potassium K, Sodium Na, and Magnesium Mg... So eat avocado daily, eat green leafy vegetables (cooked spinach yield more potassium than fresh) but I still eat fresh salads throughout the week, raw is better. And sip your yummy broth. I got organic chicken broth from Trader Joes too, so in case I get busy and no time to cook soup. 

I drink bullet proof organic sleepy tea an hour or so before bed so not to get hungry... 

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Keto Day Four

Who says Keto need to look so fattening and unhealthy, it is not all bacon and eggs and burgers.
When we are switching our body to have fat fuel instead of carbohydrates and sigar or glucose,  our body will need tons and tons of potassium, sodium and magnesium. Spinach cooked has more potassium than fresh and easier to eat rather than 10 cups of salad, right? Portion it thoughout the day, we don't want to have hyperkalemia(high potassium in our blood stream) You will feel tinggling in you fingers and chest pains and numbness, feesl as if having a heart attack. Sodium Bicarbonate a fourth of teaspoon in water and drink it will help calm you down and Sodium balances the potassium to back inside the cell instead of blood. Our body needs 4700mg of K (potassium), 5000ish Na (Sodium) so eat salty food also. And take Mg pills in the beginning of transition. When you feel nauseous, tinggling as if your body is dying, listen our body need electrolytes. Drink plenty of water contrary to what other you tubers are saying. Put whole organic lemon in you water to neutralize calcium oxalate deposits(crystals seen in urine) from spinach, broccoli, cauliflower and other low carb vegestables. I guess even if you are not in keto life maybe paleo and comsuming lots of greens and low carb veges, drink lemon water to prevent kidney stone. 
Make sure to use organic grass fed beef,organic everything if possible. 
Just place them in pan after beef had been cooked and enjoy. Hmmm the spinach took my tinggling, jittery, nauseous feeling right away.