Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Keto Day Four

Who says Keto need to look so fattening and unhealthy, it is not all bacon and eggs and burgers.
When we are switching our body to have fat fuel instead of carbohydrates and sigar or glucose,  our body will need tons and tons of potassium, sodium and magnesium. Spinach cooked has more potassium than fresh and easier to eat rather than 10 cups of salad, right? Portion it thoughout the day, we don't want to have hyperkalemia(high potassium in our blood stream) You will feel tinggling in you fingers and chest pains and numbness, feesl as if having a heart attack. Sodium Bicarbonate a fourth of teaspoon in water and drink it will help calm you down and Sodium balances the potassium to back inside the cell instead of blood. Our body needs 4700mg of K (potassium), 5000ish Na (Sodium) so eat salty food also. And take Mg pills in the beginning of transition. When you feel nauseous, tinggling as if your body is dying, listen our body need electrolytes. Drink plenty of water contrary to what other you tubers are saying. Put whole organic lemon in you water to neutralize calcium oxalate deposits(crystals seen in urine) from spinach, broccoli, cauliflower and other low carb vegestables. I guess even if you are not in keto life maybe paleo and comsuming lots of greens and low carb veges, drink lemon water to prevent kidney stone. 
Make sure to use organic grass fed beef,organic everything if possible. 
Just place them in pan after beef had been cooked and enjoy. Hmmm the spinach took my tinggling, jittery, nauseous feeling right away. 

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